Recreational Vehicle Lemon Law

Purchasing a defective recreational vehicle can be frustrating enough, but when the manufacturer repeatedly fails to honor the warranty, it’s time to call a consumer protection lawyer. In Iowa, there is no lemon law for recreational vehicles, but the federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (sometimes referred to as the federal lemon law), the UCC or Iowa’s deceptive trade practices statute may provide some relief. If you purchased your recreation vehicle in Iowa, Contact us for a free initial consultation. If your vehicle is a Winnebago, we may be able to assist you regardless of where you purchased the vehicle, because Winnebago is located in Iowa.

If you have a defective recreational vehicle, be sure you give the manufacturer or authorized dealer a fair opportunity to repair the vehicle. Keep good records and keep all e-mails and paperwork. Take photos if the defect is visible, such as water damage or structural problems. Recreational vehicle warranty cases can be lost when the consumer fails to give the dealer or manufacturer a reasonable opportunity to repair the vehicle or if the defects do not substantially impair the vehicle.