Consumer Fraud

The Iowa legislature enacted the “Private Right of Action for Consumer Frauds Act” effective July 1, 2009, allowing Iowa consumers to obtain damages for fraud or other unfair and deceptive trade practices.

Prior to the passing of this legislation consumers could not bring actions for damages or recover their attorney’s fees when they were victims of unfair and deceptive trade practices. Consequently, consumers were unable to find legal representation unless they were wiling to bear the expense of legal representation themselves, which often times would be far more expensive than the amount of damages they could recover. The lack of consumer protection legislation opened the door for deceptive trade practices in all types of consumer transactions with Iowans.
Under the “Private Right of Action for Consumer Frauds Act” it is now feasible for the Johnson Law Firm and other attorneys to represent consumers victimized by unfair and deceptive trade practices.

Unfortunately, there is no limitation in the ways to cheat unsuspecting consumers, but some of the more common areas now covered under the Act are listed below:

  • Auto advertising, sales and repair (click HERE for more info on Auto Fraud)
  • Unfair Debt Collection (click HERE for more information on Unfair Debt Collection)
  • Home improvements
  • Predatory mortgage lending, including mortgage service issues
  • Cellular telephone sales and service