Sued by Creditor or Debt Collector?

Help for Iowans Sued By a Debt Collector

If you have been served a collection lawsuit, DO NOT IGNORE IT. Call or e-mail us for a free consultation to explore your options.

If you do nothing and a judgment is entered against you, the creditor may:

  1. Garnish or attempt to garnish your wages.
  2. Freeze and garnish bank accounts without prior notice—depriving you of funds and causing checks to bounce or other bills to remain unpaid.
  3. Obtain a judgment that will stay on your credit for seven years and is collectable for twenty.
  4. The judgment could interfere with financing a car, house, renting an apartment or even employment.
  5. Cause you to have to do a debtor’s exam and/or make court appearances.
  6. Result in you being jailed if you do not appear for a debtor’s exam.

All of the above can usually be avoided.

I can file your Answer, settle and/or defend the lawsuit, and probably avoid you having to go to Court.

My fee plus any settlement is usually substantially less than you would pay on a judgment. Payments are available. In some cases of unfair debt collection you pay no fee at all.

Call me or another attorney BEFORE you give any collector your personal financial information.

Know the traps of representing yourself.