Iowa Debt Collection Law Firms

Debt Collectors Who Have Brought Debt Collection Actions Against Iowans

While many debt collectors attempt to collect by harassment and coercion, there are debt collection law firms who do bring Small Claims or District Court collection lawsuits against Iowans for credit card debt, auto deficiencies, medical debt, etc. These are experienced collection attorneys licensed to practice law in Iowa. If you are representing yourself, you are no match for these specialized, experienced collection attorneys. Get help.  

If you have received a “right to cure” or debt collection letter from any of the following in-state debt collection law firms there is a very good chance a debt collection lawsuit is about to be filed against you. If the lawsuit is ignored, it will likely be followed by a default judgment and garnishment of wages or bank accounts.

If you have been contacted by any of these law firm, you should contact the Johnson Law Firm immediately to discuss your situation. Do not contact a debt settlement company or a credit counselor. You are about to get sued and you need a competent consumer credit lawyer who can file your answer and defend you in the case. The Johnson Law Firm will provide a free initial consultation.

These law firms do file lawsuits in Iowa:

Gurstel Law Firm

Wetsch & Abbott

Brumbaugh & Quandahl

Blitt & Gaines

Southlaw PC (Wells Fargo collection lawsuits)

Rausch Sturm