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Wetsch, Abbott, Osborn, Van Vliet

Wetsch, Abbott, Osborn, Van Vliet is an Iowa debt collection law firm. The law firm has filed collection lawsuits in Iowa for debt buyers Midland Funding and Portfolio Recovery Associates and for auto lenders like Ford Motor Credit. If you have been served with a debt collection lawsuit, DO NOT DEFAULT and end up with a judgment against you. A judgment will trash your credit score for years and will allow the creditor in many cases to do wage and bank garnishments.

With legal representation, you can probably avoid a judgment or bank and wage garnishments. Our office has defended many collection lawsuits in Iowa that routinely result in favorable settlements requiring payment of only a reduced percentage of the debt in reasonable payments, elimination of interest charges and no judgment. Depending on your circumstances, the debt may be eliminated completely.

If you have been sued by Wetsch, Abbott, Osborn, Van Vliet, please contact our office immediately for a free consultation and to discuss your options.

We charge flat fees to defend credit card lawsuits and offer payment options that fit your budget.

Wetsch, Abbott, Osborn, Van Vliet Clients

Wetsch, Abbott, Osborn, Van Vliet, has been known to represent the following creditors:

Midland Funding
Portfolio Recovery Associates
Ally Financial
Capital One
Atlantic Credit and Finance
PCA Acquisitions
Autovest, LLC
Nuvell National Auto Finance
Ford Motor Credit

Wetsch, Abbott, Osborn, Van Vliet & Pech, P.L.C., Collection Attorneys

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David Wetsch
Piper Hughes
Brett Osborn
Timothy Van Vliet