Sued on Wells Fargo Credit Card?

Wells Fargo Sued on Credit Card Debt

Wells Fargo has sued many Iowans on defaulted Credit Card debt. Most Iowans do not file an answer to these lawsuits and let Wells Fargo take a judgment against them. Others contact the collection attorney and confess judgment. Still others enter into poor settlements. ¬†Instead, you should contact us for a free consultation before you do anything further. DON”T IGNORE THE LAWSUIT.

Even if you think you owe the debt, you may have defenses or a very good counterclaim. Wells Fargo has been in the news a lot lately for the way it has mishandled consumer accounts and the private information of its customers. Several class actions were filed, but it is unlikely these actions will survive because Wells Fargo’s credit card contract prohibits class actions or class arbitrations. You, however, have the right to vindicate your own rights if you have been abused–especially if you are being sued by Wells Fargo.

It is alleged that Wells Fargo created over two million accounts that were unauthorized by consumers. These consumer were charged millions of dollars in unauthorized fees on these accounts. It has been reported there were over 1.5 million bank accounts and over 500,000 unauthorized credit card accounts. Consumers incurred unauthorized fees and damage to their credit. Wells Fargo’s CEO was forced to resign. 5,300 employees were reportedly fired. State and federal regulators fined Wells Fargo $185 million dollars. There have been Congressional hearings on these issues.

If you have any business dealings with Wells Fargo, you should find out what accounts are opened in your name. Do not rely on what Wells Fargo tells you, pull your free credit report and check the accounts you have. If you have been sued, call us.